Scannel RFID Station

  • Read multiple tags (EPC Global UHF Class1 Gen2 or ISO18000-6C)
  • Available in multiple frequencies. (US/EU/GLO)
  • Wifi network communication.
  • LED Tower Light Status Indicator.
  • Built-in programmable controller for flexible operating control.
  • Scalable design which allows flexible multi-configuration RFID set-up.
  • Plug and Play


The Scannel RFID Station(SRS) is designed for various applications in areas where space is of primary concern. Aside from its space saving design, SRS features easy-to-install brackets for fast and simple deployments. The electronic components are enclosed by a durable aluminum structure for secure and sturdy protection from harsh environments. The SRS provides speedy inventory for various applications using the latest RFID technology. Information retrieved by SRS can be transmitted wirelessly to your local database for real-time monitoring. The LED light allows for an easy and simple operation of the SRS by being able to display current status of the SRS such as connection, read, and standby status. SRS are commonly used in supply chain management, logistic inventory management, shop floor management, etc.