Scannel RFID Tunnel

  • Read multiple tags (EPC Global UHF Class1 Gen2 or ISO 18000-6C)
  • Available in multiple frequencies (US/EU/GLO)
  • Wifi network communication
  • LED status Indicator
  • Photo sensors for logical control of the RFID reader
  • Built-in programmable controller for flexible operating control


The Scannel RFID Tunnel System is developed for industrial automation applications. The main feature is to quickly identify large number of RFID tagged items simultaneously by passing them through the Scannel RFID tunnel. Information about the item will be instantly retrieved by the RFID reader and uploaded to the database of the factory via a wired or wireless network. The information can be used to track assets, speed up processes, monitor real-time production, detect errors, etc. The SRT system are commonly used in supply chain management, logistic inventory management, shop floor management etc.