There are related files for UR220/225 Series as follows:


Title Version Date File Note
ROM Mgr Setup V1.5R20 2019/09/23 Download
URKit Cfg Setup V1.3R8 2019/09/20 Download


Title Version Date File Note
USB Driver for Windows --- --- Download Please click the webpage link to view and download the related files for the USB driver.


Title Version Date File Note
UR220/225-00(.pdf) --- 2013/04/02 Download
UR225-MS --- 2017/05/02 Download
UR220-30 --- 2017/04/06 Download
UR220-20 --- 2017/09/14 Download
UR220-PAS1 --- 2013/03/28 Download
UR220U/HK --- 2018/12/14 Download
UR220U-TT/TT1 --- 2015/09/03 Download
FMM USER GUIDE.pdf --- 2004/11/30 Download
TM951315-01(URkit).pdf --- 2018/08/09 Download


Title Version Date File Note
Firmware for UR220-00(.rar) V1.01R7 2019/09/25 Download ROM-T1296_V1.01R7.rar
Firmware for UR220-20(.rar) V1.00R6 2019/09/25 Download ROM-T1310(V1.00R6).rar

Introduction Video

Title Version Date File Note
Video for UR110/220 --- --- Download


Allows you to try pre-release versions to evaluate features that will be added to the next release. Not intended for production use.

Title Version Date File Note